Friday, April 12, 2013

Repotting noid phalaenopsis

Large noid phal

     In March, my large noid phal (still in bloom since December) lost the last of the 10+ inch leaves it had originally arrived with.  At this point, since the orchid did not eem to be growing so well, I decided to do a repot.

Noid phal roots before and after trimming

     When I removed the orchid from its media, I discovered a rather large proportion of dead roots.  These roots did not strike me as rotten or diseased, so much as just expired.  The roots higher up on the stem remained healthy. Nonetheless, the low proportion of healthy roots explains why this orchid has not been growing as well as it could have been.

Newly repotted phalaenopsis

     I repotted the orchid into a smaller, 5-inch clear pot with coarse bark media. Hopefully the repotting will help inspire further new root growth.  In the meantime, the orchid has produced yet more buds from the tips of its spikes, so I will get to enjoy its blossoms for several more months to come.

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