Saturday, April 13, 2013

Phalaenopsis Gold Tris 'Desk Pot' in full bloom

Phalaenopsis Gold Tris 'Desk Pot'

     My Phalaenopsis Gold Tris is now in full bloom.  The first of the flowers actually opened on February 23rd, and further buds have been slowly maturing every since then.  

Phal Gold Tris 'Desk Pot'

     The orchid produced 21 flowers on two spiked.  However, 15 flowers was the most to ever be open at the same time.  The earliest blooms have since started to fade, while the last two buds have yet to open.

Phal Gold Tris 'Desk Pot' closeup

     The flowers are much more vibrantly colored this time, compared to the pale yellow blooms from last season.  Again, I attribute the winter cold for bringing out the red tones on these flowers.

Phal Gold Tris 'Desk Pot'

     The flowers are 2 inches across, and unscented.  Half the flowers face to the front, and half to the back of the plant.  The spikes are about 8 inches tall.


  1. Very nice and colorful! I like how spikes grow upright without any support creating neat appearance.

  2. Impressionante a beleza desta planta.
    Parabéns pelo cultivo.