Thursday, April 25, 2013

New growths and a possible spike on Cymbidium Kusuda Shining x Douglas Dillon

Growth or spike?

     My Cymbidium Kusuda Shining x Douglas Dillon has produced a number of new growth starts, one of which is much rounder than all the others.  Could it be a spike?

This one is definitely a growth start

Slightly larger, but also a new growth

   The last two pictures show what I'm fairly certain are starts of new pseudobulbs.  So what about the top picture: growth or spike?


  1. Maria,

    I always ask this question, so tricky...Then I opt for a web search and end up on an orchid board. It's kind of funny how everyone seems to get all riled up. I love it. For luck, I hope they are all spikes!


    I think you may be a lucky girl!

    All the Best,

  2. Esses brotinhos nos trás muita alegria, e pelo jeito são vários né.