Saturday, February 24, 2018

Flower spike on a tiny keiki

A 1 year old phalaenopsis keiki
I first wrote about this Phalaenopsis Gold Tris keiki just over a year ago.  Keikis are orchid clones that sometimes grow on a mature orchid plant. Late last summer, when its roots had grown over 3 inches, I cut the keiki from its mother orchid, and planted it in the pot shown above.  The little orchid has more than tripled its roots system since then, but hasn't done much growth with its two leaves.

flower spike on a 1-year old keiki
Today, I noticed a green nub growing to the side of the orchid's base.  Much to my surprise, this wasn't some errant root, but actually a tiny new flower spike!  Although I have heard before that keikis sometimes flower within a year of growth, I never expected it from an orchid this small.  Its flowers would be almost as big as the entire orchid plant!

I'll be watching closely to see how this flower spike develops.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

A display of dendrobiums

Dendrobium hodgkinsonii
In my final installment featuring orchid photos from the US Botanic Garden in DC, I am exploring the variety of dendrobium species and hybrids that were on display during my visits.  These orchids are some of my favorite genera, though I'll admit that I've had very limited luck growing them myself.  

Dendrobium hodgkinsonii closeup
Dendrobium catenatum
Dendrobium catenatum
Dendrobium ceraula older bloom
Dendrobium ceraula new blossom
This Dendrobium ceraula was one of the bluer orchids I've ever seen in the Dendrobium genus.  The newest blossoms come out with a lovely cerulean hue, which fades to pink as the blossoms age.

Dendrobium Genting Royal
dendrobium haleahi butterfly x00006 x dendrobium jaqueline thomas 
dendrobium haleahi butterfly x00006 x dendrobium jaqueline thomas 
Dendrobium Jaqueline Thomas Uniwai Prince
Dendrobium pseudolamellatum
 Dendrobium pseudolamellatum is a tiny flower.  The species is an epiphyte native to Borneo.
Dendrobium pseudolamellatum whole plant view
Dendrobium spectabile closeup
Dendrobium spectabile is one of my favorite orchid species.  I love its giant twisted flowers, that look like something out of an alien movie, and defy my attempts to capture them in focus in my photographs.  This orchid truly has to be seen in person to make sense.
Dendrobium spectabile whole plant view