Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dtps Jungo City in bloom

Dtps. Jungo City

     I apologize for the long gap between updates.  Life got significantly busier, and I'm not sure when I'll be able to return to the old pace of posting every 2-3 days.  In the meantime, I have a large backlog of updates to go through.

     Dtps. Jungo City bloomed at the very beginning of May. I wanted to wait for the spike to come into full bloom, but due to general dehydration issues, the flowers wilted soon after opening.  So these two pictures (the top with flash, and the bottom without flash) are the only ones I've captured.

Dtps. Jungo City (natural light)

     The color on the flowers is almost identical to my Dtps. Yu Pin Burgundy blooms.  However, at 2.5" across, the flowers are significantly larger.  I don't know if the wrinkling of the flower petals is a result of underwatering, or just a consequence of this orchids genetics.  I hope I'll find out with next year's blooming.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Phalaenopsis Memoria Audrey Meldman 'Mendenhall' in bloom

Phalaenopsis Memoria Audrey Meldman 'Mendenhall', with flash

     The phalaenopsis opened a single 2.5" flower on a short 4" spike, on April 24th.  This makes a 5 month maturation time from when I first noticed the spike in November.  There were originally to be 2 buds, but I accidentally knocked one off a couple months ago.

Phalaenopsis Memoria Audrey Meldman 'Mendenhall', natural light

     The flower color is a much deeper red than when I had first purchased this orchid in bloom.  However, it is still very much a dark pink, rather than a true red flower.  Taking photographs with flash enhances the red tones, which are much less pronounced to the eye.

Using flash enhances the red tones in the flower

     Nonetheless, bud maturation during the colder months brought out a darker hue in the flower, which I enjoyed.

Last year's bloom had a pinker tone

Saturday, May 4, 2013

New growth on vinicolor noid paph

Noid paphiopedilum

     My noid vinicolor paphiopedilum recently finished blooming.  I've cut off the dried flower spike.  Almost immediately after the flower wilted, the orchid started working on a new growth. 

New growth

     Once the growth becomes large enough to be putting out roots of its own, I will attempt to repot the orchid such that the growth is a little close to the potting media.  Right now it's quite a few inches up the stem of the previous growth.