Sunday, April 7, 2013

Repotting Phalaenopsis gigantea

Bare root Phalaenopsis gigantea
     Phalaenopsis gigantea got moved up to a larger pot on 03/12/13.  The reasons for the repot were two-fold.  One: I'm finding myself less and less willing to water orchids every day.  The 2.5" clay pot that housed my gigantea seedling dried out very quickly, and I wanted to have more time between waterings.  Second: the orchid has grown a great number of roots since September, but they were all growing up and out of the pot.  But putting the orchid is a wider larger pot, I was able to give all these new roots a chance to grow into the media.
Phalaenopsis gigantea seedling


  1. You were watering every day? That is dedication!

    1. 29 orchids.... 3 mounted plants, one angraecum in a vase--at least something could use watering on any given day. I'm trying to bring that down to every two days, as much as possible.

  2. Looking good, nice roots, new leaf is coming.
    Watering every day is quite a burden, I totally understand you as for a while I had about 15 vandas in vases that required every day watering. Very quickly I realized that instead of enjoyment my orchid hobby became a chore, so I moved them to pots.
    Now in humid tanks my phals can go unwatered over a week and vandas 3-4 days.