Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Noid phal in not so full bloom

Noid Phalaenopsis

     This noid phal was just coming in to bloom when I returned home from the holidays in early January.  It had produced side spikes from each of its 3 main spikes, and had a few buds on each.  I wanted to hold off on posting about the flowers, until all the buds had developed and opened.

     However, the earliest of the flowers didn't last quite long enough for the last of the buds.  The wilting happened suddenly.  One day all flowers were strong, and the next, two were wilted.  The day after that (today) all but two of the remaining flowers are droopy.  Meanwhile, the two buds on the final spike have yet to open.

Noid Phalaenopsis

     Here I re-use a photo I took on January 18.  If the last two buds open properly, this flowering will have produced 8 blooms from 3 spikes.  This is a rather low flower count, but I think, understandable, considering that this orchid has been growing 3 keikis for the past year.

     Flowers are 3.5" across, and unscented.

Noid keiki #3

     I also removed the last of the keikis from the mother plant today.  This keiki hadn't done any growth for the past few months, as if it had stopped receiving sufficient nutrients or growth signals from the mother.  I'm hoping that potting it up will spur some growth.  Considering that it's been nearly 16 months since this keiki started growing, I think the gestation period has been long enough.

Newly potted phalaenopsis keiki

     Since the keiki's roots are quite short, I had no difficulty potting it into a 3" plastic pot, with some seedling media.  

Side note: I accidentally snapped off the only bud to have developed so far on my Phal Memoria Audrey Meldman 'Mendenhall' spike.  I really hope that's not the end of this blooming.

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  1. It has long stem but is not bloom properly.One can plant it anywhere in their home,it just need a pot and a plant.What I like most is the color of Flower .