Thursday, February 28, 2013

Troubling root rot on Dtps. Yu Pin Burgundy

Dtps. Yu Pin Burgundy

     My Dtps. Yu Pin Burgundy is a big healthy phalaenopsis hybrid, with two nicely growing spikes, and an extensive root system.   That is why I was particularly troubled to spot a rotting root with what looks like a fungal growth through the clear plastic pot.  Normally, I'd take that as a sign to immediately repot, and cut off the affected root.  But I would hate to jeopardize the blooms.

A diseased root

     The picture above shows the affected root.  The rest of the pot is dried out, so what looks like moisture is all coming from the root rotting.

     I soaked the orchid in physan-treated water today.  But I am really questioning whether that is sufficient to keep this infection from progressing.



  1. Oh! this is so sad to see that diseased root. I think you have taken the right step. I want to tell you that improved soil is the first step to keeping root rot out of your garden...Best of luck!

  2. That stuff looks like mold rather than fungus to me. I think it indicates low air circulation in that area. I don't know if mold is harmful, but if it was me, I would change the media and clean the pot with dilluted bleach solution. Just my 2 cents.

  3. A planta está muito linda.
    Mas não tenho sorte com Phalaenopsis.
    Uma pena não poder ajudar.

  4. I agree with orchideye - looks like mold.

  5. Have you ever tried H2O2? It works nicely for me.

    1. Can you elaborate? I think the rot is getting worse, and plan to cut off the bad roots soon and repot. Would you recommend H2O2 over fungicide treatment?