Saturday, February 23, 2013

Main spike withers on Dtps Jungo City

Dtps. Jungo City

     All the buds blasted on my Dtps. Jungo City, and the top of the spike is dying off.  It's not drying, but rather it turned soft and limp.  Not all hope is lost for this bloom cycle, however.  A node lower down the spike has activated and is growing a side spike.  

Side spike

     Hopefully if the cold is what blasted the last set of spikes, then the season will be more amenable by the time this one is ready to bloom.


  1. Ugh sorry! It's so disappointing when something happens to them.

  2. Temperature fluctuation can cause bud drop. I've grown phalaenopsis with gentle bottom heat during the winter to keep them happier. They sit on a piece of egg-crate light diffuser which is raised slightly above a seedling heat mat. Cold temperature and wet conditions might also be causing your phal's leaves to droop. Normally they are held more horizontally.

  3. Fingers crossed for the blooms. Seedling heat mat is a good suggestion, I used hydrofarm single tray sized for my seedlings, it worked great to raise temps around them.
    Now in the tank they get higher temps from the lights though, your tank should be quite warm too because of lights.

  4. I'm hoping that instead of figuring out how to set up a heat mat in the tank, I could just be more vigilant about closing the nearby window when outdoor temps drop below freezing. (And that spring in general will be warmer)