Monday, February 11, 2013

Spike grows quickly on vinicolor noid paph

Vinicolor noid paph in spike

     Just over 3 weeks have passed since I first noticed the bud on my vinicolor noid paph.  It's grown quickly since then.  The bud looks large already, but the spike was twice as tall when I originally purchased this orchid.  As a result, I'm still not sure if it's close to blooming or not.  After the bud blast on my Dtps. Jungo City, though, I'm just hoping that this flower opens without mishap.

     Since the spike is emerging from an already too-tall growth, I added a stake to keep it vertical.  At the same time, I'm letting the growth itself lean as horizontally as it wants, so that I can later on repot this orchid into a wide shallow pot.


  1. It all looks perfectly fine to me. Nice growth, solid spike. I think you'll have a bloom in no time. If it were going to blast, the bud would be getting a little soft about now. Good luck!

  2. You are doing well with this, it will surely bloom soon!! Best of luck for the same! Well, it’s refreshing to read interesting content like this. The nice approach is visible in this blog.