Saturday, February 16, 2013

Repotting Paph (Adam Hausermann x Duncan York) seedlings

Paphiopedilum (Adam Hausermann 'York' x Duncan York 'Good Show')

     The paph seedlings were drying out too quickly.  Even on humid muggy days, the pots would be dry two days after watering.  On low humidity days, they'd dry up within 24 hours.  Since watering daily is a pain, and paphs generally like more evenly moist growing conditions, I decided to transer the seedlings to slightly larger pots.

Paph (Adam Hausermann x Duncan York) 1

     I first repotted the larger seedling.  One of its original two roots had rotted away, so I cut it off.  However, it had one new root which had grown decently long, as well as a number of fresh root starts right at the base of the plant.

Paph (Adam Hausermann x Duncan York) 2

     The second seedling is my smaller struggling one.  It had originally arrived with just one root, and was completely rootless as of last October.  Now, it has a few short roots, and a couple new growing tips.  

Newly repotted paphiopedilum seedlings

     I repotted both seedlings into 3" plastic pots.  The paphs sit more securely in these larger pots, so I no longer need the stake supports that I had added to the old pots.


  1. Looking good! What medium did you use? I am getting ready to repot mine.

    1. I use the mixes from This one is their 'imperial paph and phrag' mix.

  2. Looking really good! Paphs benefit more than all other orchids from repotting. Paphs make ideal orchids for indoor culture. You have done an incredible job with your paphs. Well done!

  3. They look great, Maria! I just love Paphiopedilum orchids and I'm very curious to see their flowers. Congratulations for your blog! All the best!