Monday, December 3, 2012

Aliceara Matthias 'Glamour' shedding leaves

Yellowing leaves on Aliceara Matthias

     My Aliceara Matthias did not arrive to me in great condition, and has only worsened since then.  Between the lackluster health of this orchid, and the Den Burana Sundae, which I also ordered from them, I am quite disappointed with this vendor.  I will not be ordering from them again. 
     The Aliceara Matthias had only a few roots, which had some breaks in them, possibly from being shipped bare root.  Those few roots died off fairly soon after I potted the plant, and the orchid has yet to produce new root growth.  The orchid is likely shedding leaves now because it no longer has the root system necessary to support them.  I cut off the yellowing roots, partly because they took up valuable space in the terrarium, and partly because I didn't want decaying plant matter around to encourage bacterial and fungal growth.

Aliceara Matthias 'Glamour' after trimming dead leaves

     The orchid still looks nice with its remaining leaves, and my Oncostele Pacific Perspective has recovered from a worse state.  However, I am annoyed that instead of a healthy thriving orchid, I received another rescue case.


  1. I never had luck with oncidiums except my small psychopsis seedling. Hope yours will grow new roots, it still looks nice at least.

  2. I would be annoyed, in fact I have been by just this sort of thing. Buying young phals that have been shoved into those floppy grower's pots with such disregard as to break their roots, oncidiums with pest infestations, and, like you, an assortment with virtually no roots. I no longer buy from one vendor despite its lush website and the wonderful variety offered.