Monday, December 17, 2012

One Year Orchid Anniversary

     Today marks one full year since I started this blog. It was my first venture into blogging, and the first time I started to seriously get into the whole orchid hobby. 

     Over the past year, my orchid collection has tripled in size. My lighting setup has evolved, and I most recently added a terrarium to my grow area.  Meanwhile last winter, I purchased my first DSLR camera (after a few months of posting pictures from my cellphone), and learned how to work with the RAW image format.

Here are a few highlights from the past year:
  • Posts: 150
  • Pageviews: 23,372
  • Unique visitors: 6,119
  • New orchids acquired: 21
  • Orchids killed: 2 (two failed attempts at growing Den. victoria reginae)
  • Orchids flowered: 4 (with many more spikes to come in 2013!)
     Thank you to those who followed this blog over the past year.  Your comments have helped me grow my orchids better, and it's been a wonderful experience sharing observations with others who grow these beautiful plants.

Evolution of an orchid hobby


  1. Happy blogoversary! Best wishes with many more blooms to come...

  2. I enjoy reading your blog. I can relate to a lot of topics that you post on. (Though I don't have a cat, and don't plan to get one!)