Saturday, December 22, 2012

Preparing orchids for a 3 week holiday

     I am going away for three weeks over the holidays (actually, I've already left).  Which means, that my orchids will have to survive quite a while without watering.  For a few more days, my boyfriend will be around to water the seedlings and the mounted plants, but after that the plants will be left alone.

     I've taken a few steps to help my orchids survive this drought.  I purchased a "standup shower caddy" from a Home Goods store, which makes a wonderful plant stand (at a fraction of the cost of an actual plant shelf).  The shelf adds vertical space to the terrarium, helping me fit more orchids inside.

     When my boyfriend leaves for the holidays, I've asked him to fit all the little seedlings into the terrarium, where they will benefit from higher humidity.

     Finally, I've taken advantage of this terrarium's "waterproof bottom" and filled it with about 3" of water.  This should really bump up the humidity in the terrarium, and help the smallest of the orchids fare better during this dry spell.

     Note: Although I am away from home, I will still be updating the blog every few days.  I've taken a bunch of photos before leaving, so there are plenty of updates I still need to write about.

     Happy Holidays everyone!

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading how your orchids fare. I plan on a two week absence and am concerned about leaving my orchids.