Saturday, December 8, 2012

Noid phal in spike

Noid phal (spotted white)

     Amid a spurt of new root growth, I noticed the start of a new spike on my old phal, a spotted white noid.  This orchid has come a very long way in its recovery since last year, when it only had two small roots to support itself.  

     Now every single one of my phals that is big enough to bloom, is in spike!  The only phals not spiking for me currently, are the two newly potted keikis, and the Phal gigantea seedling.  

Phalaenopsis root vs spike

     One cool thing about this picture, is how the spike is growing right next to a new root tip, highlighting the difference between them.  The root (on left) is uniformly round.  Meanwhile, the flower spike (on right) has a vertical ridge, and a horizontal segmentation line.

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