Saturday, October 13, 2012

New orchid: Aliceara Matthias 'Glamour'

Aliceara Matthias 'Glamour'

     After my root health troubles with my existing two oncidium orchids, I wanted to buy a healthy one.  This is Aliceara Matthias 'Glamour', a red intergenic oncidium.  (A link to flowers photo)

Aliceara roots

     As far as health goes, this orchid is not much better off than my oncostele.  All the old roots on the left side of the picture are dead, although the new roots on the right are alive.  As a precaution, I soaked the orchid in fungicide before potting in the 3" slotted plastic pot seen in the picture at the top.

     The orchid has 4 mature pseudobulbs (3" tall) and one new growth.  The leaves are up to 14" long.  The orchid arrived looking fairly limp, but that's probably because it was shipped bare root.  The pseudobulbs are fairly plump, so this orchid should have plenty of reserve to adjust to my care.

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