Saturday, October 20, 2012

First sign of flower spike on Tolumnia Pink Panther

First glimpse of tolumnia flower spike (middle of picture)

     It's finally happening!  My Tolumnia Pink Panther, with its 14 mature growths and 4 new ones, is preparing to flower.  The flower spike emerges from one of the new growths from last May.  This picture is from the first day I noticed the spike (oct 18), when it was barely a quarter inch long.  However, in the two days since, it has already more than doubled in size.  

     The spike on Tolumnia Genting Orange was only a couple inches longer than this when I first purchased that orchid.  That spike took 9 weeks to mature.  At that rate, I expect Tolumnia Pink Panther to be in bloom by January.  

     Since the Tolumnia is quite large, I am also on the lookout for more spikes.  Either way, I have high expectations for these flowers... so long as I manage to keep them safe from the cat.


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