Thursday, October 4, 2012

Flower buds on Sophronitis cernua

Sophronitis cernua

     Each of my two Sophronitis cernua orchids produced a new growth over the summer, which have now matured an opened.  One of these growths has something in the middle that looks like flower buds.

Flower bud on Sophronitis cernua

     The brownish segment on the left seems like the sheath, while the dark thing on the right seems to be a bud.  I am a little concerned by the blackish color of the bud.  It does not look very much like the macro photo of Sophronitis cernua buds here.  For now it seems to be growing, and I can only wait and see if it will bloom properly.


  1. This Sophronitis cernua is really an amazing flower. Thanks For sharing this information. I Was really amazed to know about this Breed.

  2. Hurray for buds! I still didn't come around to buy this little orchid. Looking forward to pictures of your blooms.