Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tolumnia Pink Panther doubles in size

Tolumnia Pink Pathner

    Back in May, I wrote about three (eventually 4) new growths on my Tolumnia Pink Panther.  In the 5 months since then, these growths have matured, and are now sending out 4 new growths of their own.  

New growth and roots on tolumnia

     The picture above shows one of the new growths, as well as the recent proliferation of roots.  The tolumnia now has 18 fans.  The orchid has quite literally doubled in size, since I first got it in April.

Tolumnia Pink Pather: 6 months growth

     The growths on the tolumnia wrap around its mount, making it difficult for a photo to truly capture its size.  Any angle I could use to take a photo would be missing at least a third of the fans.  However, compared to the photo from 6 months ago, the growth is evident.  The two pictures are at similar magnification (the size of the leaves is the same in both pictures above), but the orchid on right is much much larger, that it almost looks like a trick in perspective.

     When this orchid eventually gets around to blooming, I am expecting the show to be spectacular.

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