Saturday, August 4, 2012

Remounting Tolumnia Pink Panther

Tolumnia Pink Panther (left) and Tolumnia Genting Orange (right)

     I remounted my Tolumnia Pink Panther today, so that it could have its own mount. Having it co-mounted with the Tol. Genting Orange looked nice, but it made watering more awkward.  And I think both orchids are large enough to warrant separate mounts. 

     The transfer was very quick and fast.  I unpeeled the wire holding the orchid to its original mount, pulled off the plant+moss, and transferred it over to a new piece of aquarium bark.    The orchid had not been on its old mount long enough for the roots to start working their way into the bark yet, so remounting was a very simple procedure, that shouldn't have caused any root damage.

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  1. Hi there! Those tolumnias are beautifully mounted! What kind of moss is that?! did it have any soil on it?