Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Signs of life on Psychopsis Mariposa 'Mountain'

A sad looking Psychopsis Mariposa 'Mountain'

     My Psychp Mariposa arrived to me in a sad shape.  Its roots were mostly rotten, and the few that remained died soon after.  The orchid then lost its spike, and lost some leaves.  Now its leaves are wrinkled and leathery, its pseudobulbs are flattened, and its roots all gone.

Signs of new growth on Psychopsis Mariposa

     In an effort to revive the orchid, I've had it 'potted' in a 2 inch pot on a bed of sphagnum moss that I keep moist.  Today, after accidentally knocking the little orchid out of its pot, I noticed the first signs of life.  The little root nub (on left) stands out as a bright green spot against the dark background.  Meanwhile, less visible, is what looks like the start of a new growth (on right). 

     While survival is still less than certain (my den victoria reginae had also produced a futile new growth before finally giving up) I choose to be optimistic for my orchid's survival.  


  1. Mark PilonAugust 11, 2012

    Too bad about your victoria reginae. The psychopsis mariposa seems to be hanging on. Some orchids seem to do well others don't. I have the same experience... I guess sometimes it's just a matter of trial and error finding what ones grow best for you.

    1. I still have the newer den victoria reginae, which is 'mostly dead'. It's at my work, where the cooler temp might revive it. Or it might not. It's pretty far gone.

      I might give some den victoria-reginae hybrids a try in the future. There are a few that are supposed to be more warmth tolerant.