Monday, August 6, 2012

Noid phal exits rest with a spurt of root and leaf growth

Large noid phalaenopsis with three keikis

     For over a year now, my noid phal has put all leaf and root growth on hold while it was growing its keikis.  Over time, it lost several leaves. The remaining leaves have lost firmness and acquired a leathery texture.  

Closeup on phal root and leaf growth

     Now the mother orchid is finally expending some energy on its own growth.  It seems to be growing two new leaves concurrently, as well as a number of fresh roots.

     The keikis are almost big enough to remove from the mother plant and pot on their own.  They all have nice big leaves, and the oldest has two roots that are just over 3" long.  

     However, as the mother plant seems to be doing well, I am in no hurry to cut them from the spikes.  My plan is to remove the largest keiki as soon as it starts  growing new roots.  For the smaller two keikis I'll wait until they both have roots that are over 3" long and fresh roots growing.  Waiting to remove the keikis might delay the mother phal from flowering, but I have enough other orchids in bloom and/or spike that I am willing to take that risk. 

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