Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Noid paph grows new leaves, but I wanted flowers

A noid paphiopedilum

     My noid paph is big, healthy, with many roots (for a paph) and many leaves.  But a year has passed since I purchased it in bloom, and it hasn't reflowered for me.  For a while I had been excited about its newest growth, but that turned out to be just another leaf.  That brings the leaf total up to 8.

Yet another new leaf

     When a mature and healthy orchid fails to bloom, the culprit is likely to be insufficient lighting.  Getting my noid paph to a spot where it can get more light turned out to be a tricky issue, however.  My lower shelf is set up to accommodate my 2-foot tall oncidium.  This leaves a smaller orchid like the paph too far away from the light source.  On the other hand, my upper shelf is too close to the lamp.  If I were to move my paph to the top shelf, its tallest leaves would be in contact with the lights (sure to guarantee burn damage).

Rearranged orchids

     I ended up rearranging most of my orchids, and repurposing an unused knife rack to prop up my paph by 8 or so inches.  Hopefully that will help.  At the very least, my orchids are now more efficiently arranged.

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