Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pseudobulb wrinkling on Cattlianthe Jewel Box

     The past week has been extra busy with school, and as a result I have neglected updating the blog for a bit longer than usual.  My orchids have likewise suffered some neglect; with 4 orchids mounted, and 1 in a vase, my collection is also somewhat more demanding now than it used to be. 

     So now I've noticed wrinkling on the two newer pseudobulbs on my Ctt Jewel Box 'Scheherazade'.  On the one hand, the plant is now potted in fresh very loosely packed coarse media, in a porous pot; the orchid now dries out far faster than before.  I have also been more neglectful of watering.  On the other hand, this may be the collateral of the repotting experience last month.  I'll see if the wrinkling goes away, but it might not. With at least one new root growing, and a fresh pseudobulb growth, I expect that it should be able to adapt to the new conditions, regardless.

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  1. Yes, the mounts and vases require your attention every day. At some point I had over 10 vandas in vases and it became just too much, so I moved them into clay pots with small amount of chc - they are doing great now and watered every 3 days.
    Hope your catt bulb plumps back up.