Thursday, April 26, 2012

Completed repotting cymbidium Kusuda Shining x Douglas Dillon

Cymbidium in new pot: old pot on left

     It's about a week since I originally tried repotting my cymbidium, and found that I didn't have proper pot for the roots.  Now finally, both the new pot (see picture) and the new media (classic cymbidium mix from have arrived.  

     The mix is different than what I've ever used before.  Instead of primarily bark chips, it seems to be mainly coconut husk.  It seems like a mix that would retain more moisture than plain bark.  I'll see if I like it, and decide whether to use this, or plain bark when it's time to repot my other cymbidium hybrid.

     When transferring the plant from its interim oversize pot (on right) I was happy to see that all the roots were still in good condition, and very dry.  I soaked the plant, and potted it in the new tall pot, with the newest two growths pointing at the center.  

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