Sunday, April 29, 2012

Paphs grow new leaves

The too-tall fan grows taller

    I was hoping for a bud, but the growth on my noid paph is clearly a new leaf.  I bought this orchid in bloom around July of last year, and it is in good health.  If I'm lucky, it will rebloom for me in the summer.  The orchid has been a fast grower for me, so there is still time for it to finish the new leaf and start on a spike.

     There's a chance that it's not getting sufficient light to flower (which might also explain why the new growth has such a ridiculously tall 'stem').  My paphs and phals are growing under a daylight sunlamp, which I now suspect is not bright enough.  I've ordered a new fixture of T5 fluorescent bulbs, which will hopefully arrive soon.

New leaf on paph sanderianum first became visible about 2 weeks ago
     The new growth from paph sanderianum is good news.  It is a young plant which needs to get much bigger before it can hope to bloom.  I've read that sanderianums usually need to develop multiple growths before they flower, and I'll be keeping a hopeful eye out for that.  When I bought the plant 6 months ago from Marlow's Orchids, he had them listed as 2 years from blooming size.  If it grows well, I can hope to see the start of a new fan by the end of the year.

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