Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Two new growths on Oncostele Pacific Perspective

Oncostele Pacific Perspective

     The two newest pseudobulbs on this oncidium have matured and have now produced two growths of their own.  This probably means that the orchid won't be blooming for me this season.  However, I am perfectly happy with that if it means a larger show next year.

New growth next to newly matured pseudobulb

     The roots have grown quite aggressively since the last repotting in September.  At that point, the orchid was losing pseudobulbs to rot and had hardly any roots at all. Fungicide treatment appears to have fixed the rot issues, and now the orchid looks like it needs another repotting to a larger pot already.  How much longer should I wait?

Another new growth


  1. Congratulations on all this new growth! Intergeneric orchids usually bloom best when pot bound so repotting is usually every 2 years or so. Let it get well established and repot after its next bloom.

  2. What a difference! She's made so much progress since September? Congrats!