Monday, January 14, 2013

A rearrangement of the top shelf

Top shelf: only seedlings will fit

     I was at a dilemma with the top shelf of my growing area.  I have a perfectly good lamp set up for it, and any nonflowering orchids would be just fine growing outside the terrarium... but the only plants I could put on this top shelf are seedlings, and maybe one larger plant on the side.  The lamp is too close to the plants otherwise, resulting in leaf burn on anything taller.

More space after raising lamp fixture

     Today, I fiddled with the fixture setup to raise it about 4 inches higher.  Before, I had the lamp hanging by its original hooks off a bungee cord I had strung across the shelf.  I removed those metal hooks, and am now hanging the lamp directly from the cord. I'm hoping the extra 4" of distance will allow me to keep my cattleyas on the top shelf, leaving more space in the terrarium.

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