Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Psychopsis Mariposa loses new growth

Dried out new growth on Psychopsis Mariposa 'Mountain'

     Turns out there was one victim from my 3-week absence after all.  The new growth on my Psychopsis Mariposa looked a little dryish on the edges when I first got home, and it completely dried out within a few days later.  When I unpotted the orchid, I saw that none of the new roots have taken--very few short roots remained, and their tips are blackened.  This is not the look of a plant in recovery.

     I'm almost ready to just chuck the plant.  After all, my Psychopsis Mendenhall is growing and blooming beautifully.  Do I need two Psychopsis plants in my limited space? Perhaps a final fungicide treatment is in order.  Otherwise, I think I'll just water the plant as usual, with no special treatment (and let it either die or recover on its own).


  1. On the advice of an orchid growing friend, when my plants appear on their last leg, I unpot them and throw them under a bush for 6 months to a year. I have successfully repotted one cattleya after a year of this 'tough love' and two remain. It is interesting how healthy roots appear after maybe 3-4 months. There are advantages to living in central Florida.

  2. Maybe try to prop it in the small clay pot of coconut husk chips. I found that roots grow like crazy in chc and having it in clay will make sure it doesn't stay too wet.

  3. Perhaps a bath with a good fungicide and treatment of resting in a plastic bottle with sphagnum and hoped that react and generates new shoots only. Luck and that recovers. Best regards.