Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Orchid: Paph (Adam Hausermann 'York' AM/AOS X Duncan York 'Good Show')

Paph. (Adam Hausermann 'York' AM/AOS x Duncan York 'Good Show')

     This is a young orchid, probably far from blooming size.  I'm not really familiar with paph hybrids enough to guess how many years I'll have to wait to see it flower.  According to the vendor's description, this should be a 'red/mahogany complex hybrid'.  Finding large photos of the parent plants online proved challenging.  Follow the link below to "Waldor Orchids" to see a larger version of  a Paph. Duncan York cross.  Meanwhile, I found an image of Paph. Adam Hausermann, at a chinese website, which looks like another vendor, although I can't be sure.
Photo Source: Waldor Orchids
Paph. Duncan York 'Olympia'
Photo Source: Orchids.gr.jp
Paph. Adam Hausermann 'York' AM/AOS

     I expect to get big red flowers from the cross, which may or may not be spotted.

     When I went to repot the little orchid, I discovered a great surprise: instead of one paph with two growths, there were two separate orchids planted together in the pot.  Since these are seed-grown hybrids, the two orchids will produce different flowers if they both survive.

Two paph seedlings from one pot

     One of the seedlings was smaller than the other.  Both had a rotten root each, which I trimmed off.  Afterwards, the smaller paph was left with one good root, and the larger paph with two.  Both had nubs of new roots budding from the base.  Neither my noid paph nor my sanderianum seem to have very roots, so I am not too worried about the low root number.
     The larger seedling, (#1) has 5 leaves, while the smaller (#2) has 3 full-size leaves, and one new leaf just starting out.  The leaves are 3-4" long.  #1 seems to have fuller leaves, while #2 seems to have longer/thinner ones, but it's really too soon to tell if there will be a permanent difference in the growth habit of the two paphs.

newly potted Paph (Adam Hausermann 'York' x Duncan York 'Good Show') seedlings

     I repotted each of the seedlings into a slightly smaller 2" plastic pot, using the Paph&Phrag potting mix from repotme.com.  Both orchids were a little shaky in their new pots, but I'm hoping that with time, the media will compact a little bit and help with stability.

     Since the pots are so small, the media has been drying out fast enough that I'm watering the paphs daily.  Also, since I have so many new/newly repotted orchids, I am once again adding superthrive to the water.  I placed the seedlings on the top shelf where they are getting maximal light.  Hopefully these little guys thrive and grow well!  And if I'm lucky I'll see variety in the flowers.


  1. http://www.orchidsbyhausermann.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=OBH&Product_Code=CH-19130&Category_Code=

    The name Hauserman tipped me off--Orchids by Hauserman is an excellent orchid grower formerly in the Chicago area, newly moved to Wisconsin.

    1. Yep, you found it :-) That's the one. I've had a lot of great experiences ordering from Hausermann's so far.

  2. Me too, though I'm also exceedingly fond of Santa Barbara Orchid Estate and their incredibly diverse selection.