Friday, July 13, 2012

Leaf damage on Phal Memoria Audrey Meldman 'Mendenhall'

Mysterious leaf damage on Phal Memoria Audrey Meldman 'Mendenhall'

     I was out of town this week, and when I came back, I immediately noticed the leaf damage on my Phal M.A.M.  It looks like sunburn to me, but I find it odd that the leaf would burn up so suddenly after being fine for almost two months.  Perhaps the added summer heat was the trigger.

Close-up of leaf damage

     Regardless of the cause, I cut the yellowing leaf off.  Since it was by far the largest leaf on the phal, the remaining plant looks substantially diminished.  Still, there newest leaf is still growing, and hopefully will reach the size of its predecessor.

A suddenly diminished phalaenopsis

     I moved the phal down to the lower shelf, where it is now certain to not be overexposed.

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