Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Orchid: Dtps. Jungo City

Doritaenopsis Jungo City

     Switching gears from the young phal gigantea, here is the largest of the orchids in my order.  Dtps. Jungo City is another of my attempts to acquire a red phalaenopsis.  While I'm not expecting any true scarlet out of this one, pictures online seem to show a very pleasing deep magenta for the blooms.

     The phal is fairly large, with the longest leaf measuring at just over 9".  The orchid is growing in sphagnum moss in a 5" plastic pot. There are 3 mature leaves, and one new leaf growing.  The roots near the base of the plant all seem firm and healthy, and I do not plant to disturb the media to investigate any further.

    Since the sphagnum looks really fresh and the orchid seems healthy, I decided to not repot.  I will try to continue growing it in the sphagnum for the next year.  I should be able to judge wetness of the media using the skewer method in the same way as I do with my bark mixes.


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    1. Are you tempting me into orchid-shopping oblivion? lol I'll keep this one in mind, for the next time I'm ordering (probably when I move a bunch of my noids over to my work windowsills and realize all new space I'll have for orchids ;0)

    2. ETA: this pic of the phal sogo grape fireball looks a whole lot like my phal memoria audrey meldman 'mendenhal'