Saturday, June 30, 2012

Side spikes growing on Tolumnia Genting Orange

Start of new side-spikes towards the end of a bloom cycle

     One of the nice things I just learned about tolumnias, is that the blooming season is not necessarily over once the first round of flowers fades.  Although after two weeks in full bloom, most of the flowers quickly wilted, the orchid has started three new side spikes.  This means that there will likely be only a very brief interim (if any) between the last of the old flowers falling, and the first of the new flowers opening.

     Another interesting thing to note will be whether the subsequent blooms have as much variation in color and form as the first set.  I have not used any Superthrive on my orchids since coming home from Europe (adding only minimal fertilizer to the water), so I will be interested to see if removing the Superthrive will yield more uniform flowers.

Growing a new fan

     In addition to the activity on the spike, the tolumnia has started growing one new fan, and is also growing many new roots.

     All in all, I am thrilled with how this orchid is growing for me.

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