Sunday, June 24, 2012

Are cats safe for orchids?

What trouble will he cause?

     Little Shkoda (Ukrainian for 'trouble') came home with us last week.  For now the 3-month old kitten seems more interested in pestering people than orchids, but he also gets new ideas for mischief pretty much daily.

    Some online searching indicates that all orchids are safe and nonpoisonous for cats.  But what about the safety of my orchids?  

     I've found enough decapitated spider-plant blooms around the apartment to see what fate awaits my precious flowers, should the cat ever take interest in them.  However, the only interest that he's shown in the orchids so far, is to lightly swat at the cymbidium's long leaves while I'm watering.  

     Generally I shoo him away from the orchids, if he ever starts making his way into the shelves.  And I have a pot of cat wheat grass growing for him, should he ever decide he needs extra greenery in his diet.  

     If I'm lucky, I won't be posting any future mugshots of his guileless face next to a traumatized orchid plant... but following murphy's law, accidents will happen.  I think I'm okay with that, though. 


  1. Awww! That kitty is so cute. Hopefully your orchids will be fine although he does look like "Shkoda".
    Our dog just sniffs orchids or pokes her nose into media, sometimes her big nose tips over the small pots with my paphs that stand on the bottom shelves, but it happens only when we are not at home and no plant damage resulted from it.
    I never noticed her eating them.

    1. Thanks :-) The little guy made it his mission to get adopted at the shelter--by far the most enthusiastically affectionate cat from the whole shelter.

      Occasional tipped over pots sounds pretty good to me on the scale of "what could go wrong."