Sunday, May 13, 2012

Quick note on fertilizer and other updates

latest orchid arrangement
Just some quick notes that don't deserve a post individually.
     I have cut down my fertilizer to less than a quarter recommended dosage, which I use at every watering.  I've also purchased a small bottle of Superthrive, a plant growth booster.  I'm adding a single drop into about a gallon of filtered water (in addition to the fertilizer).
     I think I've finally got a good placement of my orchids in relation to the lights.  I've moved my paphs to the lower shelf, and my big noid phal onto the white cabinet. 
(Edit 5/17: Looks like I am still not done with rearranging my plants in relation to the light.  I've now moved my den victoria-reginae to the lower shelf, where it hangs just under the T5 lamps.  I've moved my paph sanderianum to the far right edge of the top shelf, and I've also moved my psychopsis mariposa to the middle of the top shelf.) 
     My Wilsonara Pacific Perspective is now out of bloom (I cut the spike off today).  The flowers had lasted for about 6 weeks.

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