Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Orchid: Sophronitis cernua

Root detail on new Sophronitis cernua orchid

     I am participating in an orchid growing project at the Orchid Board, where members vote on a project plant, and then all try their hand at growing the orchid.  The species selected for the Spring 2012 project is the lovely miniature: Sophronitis cernua.  This cattleya-alliance orchid is a native of Brazil and blooms with red-orange 1" flowers.  I look forward to learning how to grow the plant; with the healthy orchid I received today from J&L Orchids, I think I am off to a good start!

so small

     This blooming size orchid has 11 old pseudobulbs, and 2 new growths.  The leaves are just under 1" long.  The roots had attached to the old growing media such that I could not pry the old bark pieces off without doing considerable damage to the plant.  

Sophronitis cernua in new pot

     As a result, I kept most of the old media, and replanted into a slightly larger 3" clay pot. I added some fresh bark chips along the sides and bottom. I've read that root rot is a big concern with growing Soph cernua in pots, so everything is loosely packed and airy to allow for quick drying.

pot hanging 5" away from CFL light source

     I used some craft wire to hang the pot off the side of the shelf.  This way it's about 5 inches away from the light source.  I'll keep watch on the leaf color and be ready to move it further away if I see any signs of burn.

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