Monday, June 13, 2016

Oncostelopsis Sunkissed 'Buttercup'

Oncostelopsis Sunkissed 'Buttercup'
The grex name of this yellow orchid is a bit of a mouthful.  However, its genealogy is not too different from the last two orchids I wrote about on this blog.  Oncostelopsis are a cross of oncidium, rhynchostele, and miltoniopsis orchids.  This particular hybrid is the product of a 2009 cross between Oncostele Catatante and Oncidopsis Living Fire. 

Parentage of Oncostelopsis Sunkissed
Photo Credit:
Oncostele Catatante: Maria's Orchids, Oncostele Catatante
To be frankly honest, I am thoroughly underwhelmed by this hybrid.  The orchid seems to have inherited neither the prolific bounty of flowers typical of Oncostele Catatante, nor the brilliantly vivid crimson of Oncidopsis Living Fire.

Genealogy of Oncostelopsis Sunkissed
Progenitor species of Oncostelopsis Sunkissed
Photo credits:
Note: Oncostelopsis Sunkissed was referred to as Burrageara Sunkissed until the most recent reclassification of Oncidium alliance species resulted in a change of the genus name.

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