Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Phalaenopsis noID root growth update

     One benefit of growing phals in clear pots is the pleasure of watching new roots grow as they burrow into the media.  Some growers also claim that clear pots are beneficial to phalaenopsis health.  The argument bases on the fact that the roots are photosynthetic and like to avoid darkness.  Phals potted in clear pots receive more light to the roots, encouraging them to grow into the potting media, rather than out into the (often dry) air.  The way my new roots have been curling around the outside edges of the pot seems to support evidence of such 'light-seeking' behavior.

     This season's growth added 5 new roots to the old survivor's existing two.  Of these new growths, one has clearly decided to grow upward as an aerial root, while the other four penetrate into the potting media.  With this rate of growth, I'm sure the old orchid will be ready to bloom again in little time.

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