Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New orchid: Cymbidium Kusuda Shining x cym Douglas Dillon

     A new orchid arrived in the mail for me today.  Or more accurately, it arrived in the mail for me last week, got sent back to the post office, and spent the weekend in a dark box before I realized that the 'attempted delivery' notice referred to my orchid order.  Still, the plant seems to be in perky condition, despite its extra long shipping journey.

     It's a small orchid, about half the size of my other cymbidium, despite being already blooming size.  I admit I was pleasantly surprised by how small it was; a larger plant would have been difficult to fit on my already crowded shelf.  Even as I plan to purchase some more plants when I attend the New York orchid show this weekend, I am falling into the habit of adding the orchids first, and thinking about space second.  Perhaps less favored plants will end up delegated to windowsill growing, or I may yet again reorganize that corner of the room to make more orchid shelving space.

     It has 4 established pseudobulbs, and 2 new growths.  The roots look like they are filling up the pot, but I will wait until late summer before repotting.

I did an internet search for the parent plants to guess what my new orchid's blooms may look like.  Both parent blooms are lovely, although I'm hoping for flowers that are more red than orange:

The sources of these two photographs are: 

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