Saturday, March 3, 2018

2018 New York Orchid Show

Hundreds of orchids hand from a translucent display at the 2018 New York Orchid Show
The New York Orchid Show is my favorite annual event in the city.  This joyous celebration of orchid beauty is a yearly signal that another cold, dark winter is nearly over.  The show opened today, at the New York Botanical garden.
It's possibly one of the most popular events at the New York botanical garden, and by midday the conservatory is packed with crowds.  This year, I woke up early to be one of the first people to enter the show on opening day.
Get to the conservatory before 10 AM to avoid the crowds
The Orchid Show features hundreds of orchid species and hybrids, presented in intricate displays.  This year's production is designed by Belgian floral artist Daniel Ost.
Phalaenopsis King's Caroline and Phalaenopsis Black Pearl
Phalaenopsis Taida Pearl Diamond
Phalaenopsis KV Charmer
Orchid terrarium
Cattleya and Dendrobium display
2018 New York Orchid Show
Each year, the displays follow a different theme.  This year, the recurrent element was these meshes of clear plastic tubing high up in the conservatory canopy.  These clear loops certainly catch and scatter the sunlight onto the orchid blossoms.  They also reminded me of a tangled garden hose....

Orchid display by Daniel Ost
A ribbon of orchids wraps around a bamboo structure
Cymbidium Golden Boy 'Nevada'

Dendrobium spectabile

Epidendrum Max Valley 'Shiranui'

This is just a small fraction of the orchids on display today.  The show runs until April 22, and is absolutely worth a visit.


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