Saturday, January 6, 2018

Gorgeous Paphiopedilum hybrids from the DC Botanic Garden

I will readily admit my love for the colorful and showy splendor of orchid hybrids.  In the next few months, I think I will dive in to explore the lineages of some of these hybrids, but for today, I wanted to share with you the beautiful Paph collection at the DC Botanic Garden.
Paphiopedilum Devil's Canyon

Paphiopedilum Elphin Charm

Paphiopedilum FC Puddle

Unlabeled Paphiopedilum

Paphiopedilum Mazurka

Paphiopedilum Miller's Daughter

Paphiopedilum Mystically Mood

Paphiopedilum Olivia

Paphiopedilum Olivia

Paphiopedilum Orchilla 'Chilton'

Paphiopedilum Redstart 'Exbury'

Paphiopedilum Redstart 'Exbury'

Paphiopedilum Song of Love

Paphiopedilum Tree of Okazaki

Paphiopedilum Yerba Mate

Paphiopedilum Zycleon

Paphiopedilum Zycleon whole plant view

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