Monday, February 20, 2017

New York Orchid Show 2017: Thailand

New York Orchid Show 2017: Thailand
My favorite time of year has come around yet again.  The days are getting warmer and lighter, and the orchid show has opened at the New York Botanical Garden.  This year's theme is Thailand.  The show's typical lush displays of color feature many Vanda orchids, which are native to Southeast Asia.

I'll be putting up many more pictures from the show in the coming days, but here is a preview of what is to come:

I got to the garden right as it was opening, avoiding much of the crowds that would descend on the orchid show later in the day.
Phalaenopsis orchids arranged to resemble palm trees

Miniature orchids display
Deep purple variety of Dendrobium kingianum

Zygopetalum flowers
A rainbow of vandas so colorful, they don't even look quite real
Dendrobium hybrid

Many colors of dendrobium hybrids

Morning light shines through Oncostele Wildcat

More Oncostele Wildcat flowers

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