Saturday, March 12, 2016

Colmanara Masai Red

Colmanara Masai Red
This richly colored orchid is an old favorite from the New York Orchid show that makes an appearance every year.  In fact, I first photographed it back in 2013, as part of my Oncidiums of the 2013 Orchid Show post. 

The flowers are so showy, that I thought for sure this would be another very complicated hybrid. Surprisingly, Colmanara Masai Red is a simple cross between two species.  This orchid was first registered in 2007.

Colmanara Masai Red is a hybrid between Rhynchostele bictoniensis (seed parent), and Oncidium cariniferum (pollen parent).
Parentage of Colmanara Masai Red 
Photo Credits:
Rhynchostele bictoniensis photo by Stefano (see their Flickr photo gallery)
Oncidium Cariniferum photo (C) Eric Hunt (see his orchid photo website, also, Flickr gallery)
I can definitely see reflections of both parent species in Colmanara Masai Red.  IOSPE lists a "brown and purple" form of Rhynchostele bictoniensis, which has a more similar hue to Colmanara Masai Red.

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