Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The New York Orchid Show 2012

     On Saturday I checked out the Orchid Show exhibition at the New York Botanical Gardens.  I must have misunderstood the difference between this orchid show and others that I've heard about, since this wasn't the kind of show with judging and vendors putting up displays of orchids for sale.  Instead, the show consisted of several rooms in the NYBG greenhouses filled up with artful displays of blooms.  Additionally, the regular portion of the greenhouse had all sorts of orchids blooming in nooks and crannies in a more natural setting.
     The sunny Saturday made a wonderful experience walking through the greenhouse enjoying the blooms of orchids and all sorts of other exotic plants. (And I think I added several more species to my growing wishlist)

poor picture, but breathtaking blooms: Miltonidium Cindy 'Pinky Lee'

A non-orchid dazzler--the Mysore Clockvine

Nun Orchid--Phaius Tankervilliae

Like a butterfly in flight--Psychopsis orchid bloom high in the air

Zygolum Rhein Moonlight

Oncidium Sweet Sugar

Jade Vine--people were wondering if the color was artificial, but it seems to actually grow this way

A display of miniatures behind a glass screen

Living Rocks--Lithops dorotheae

Giant Longhorn Fern

Tolumnia Genting Angel

And I didn't go home empty handed. :-)  But this post is long enough already, so I will leave that for another day.

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  1. What a display! Gorgeous blooms.
    What did you buy?