Saturday, December 17, 2011

Phalaenopsis NOID: the old survivor

The old survivor

     Here is the oldest member of my motley orchid collection, which also has the honor of being the first and only orchid I have ever successfully rebloomed.  

     The plant has seen better days in the nearly 3 years it spent in my possession.  By the time it came with me to New York, it had only one decently-sized leaf and two roots to support itself.  In the months since it grew the two small leaves you can see in the picture.  Usually a healthy phalaenopsis should produce new leaves that are as large or larger than the older leaves.  The miniature size of the two newest leaves on this plant are a clear sign that it has experienced damage to its root system.

     The plant is a tenacious little noid though, and in the past month it has sprouted 5 healthy new roots, which have been speedily growing into the media.  At this rate, I expect the orchid should have fully recovered by next blooming season.

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